Yoga Strong Foundation

It all started with Beer & Yoga. Registered 501 (c)(3) established in 2017.


 Yoga Strong Foundation strives to provide resources to students in the local community. 


We connect the community through yoga practice, supporting our annual YSF scholarship. Furthermore, we foster the community for children to thrive today and for the future.

About YSF

It all started with beer, yoga and a desire to do more in the community. Yoga Strong Foundation has been hosting Bend & Brew since 2015. A portion of the proceeds raised from this weekly event go to fund the student athletic scholarships. 

Since then, we have created other programs to reach more youth in Southeast Michigan, including: New Kicks for Kids giving kids confidence through new shoes; Operation: Christmas Wishes provided hundreds of low-income elementary children with Christmas Gifts; and a food pantry where we stock and replenish breakfast and snack options for High School students.