The Yoga Strong Scholarship, inaugurated in 2016, represents our commitment to recognizing and supporting the achievements of high school students who have dedicated four years to the pursuit of excellence in sports. Since its inception, we have proudly awarded a total of $34,500 in scholarships, contributing to the educational journey of promising individuals. This scholarship is not just a financial aid program; it is a symbol of our belief in the transformative power of sports and commitment, aiming to assist recipients in their pursuit of higher education. By fostering a connection between physical well-being and academic success, the Yoga Strong Scholarship embodies our dedication to shaping a balanced and resilient future generation. 

Emily Fisher & Brady Butcher

2023 Scholarship Winners

Emily graduated from Hartland High School and is committed to attend Grand Valley State University. She is on the PomPon team at GVSU. Brady graduated from Howell High School and his is committed to attend Michigan State University. Each student received a $3,000 scholarship.  Special thanks to TwoSix digital for sponsoring one of the 2023 scholarships. 

2022 Scholarship Winner

Jenna Staszak received $4,000. 

2019 Scholarship Winner

Maddie Brown received $5,000. 

2018 Scholarship Winner

Isabella VanBuren received $5,000.

Previous Scholarship Winners

2017 Scholarship Winners: 

Hailey Iglewski and Grace Van Kannel were each awarded $5,000.

2016 Scholarship Winners: 

Veronica Ripper, Alyssa Guadagni and Zoe Dittman were each awarded $1,500.